Executive Placement
When you decide to go with Cedarfield Design as your Web, Digital
and Social Media staffing provider you are teaming with industry experts!

We offer all 3 of the most common and different executive placement scenarios.

We offer premiere executive placement service for web, digital and social media marketing to meet all of your web and online marketing needs. We proudly give our stamp of approval to every professional we place by certifying each one. Our certification process takes specialized to a whole new level.

Direct Hire

Are you looking to expand your staff on a permanent basis? We partner with every Human Resources department by identifying and placing quality employees directly with the clients we work with.


Today is becoming more common that a company will have specific defined needs for hiring. We provide the option of bringing a person on board for a specific amount of time to help get the work done without the long-term commitment of having to pay a consistent salary.

Special Project

Every company will have a list of items on the “to-do list” that with so many things going on at the same time seems almost impossible to complete. Sometimes this is as simple as a 4-hr project or even a project that last for multiple months. We specialize in staffing for these specific projects, seasons, and action items.

Request Executive Placement

Our Account Executives will go over your information, as well as your business needs, but more importantly they are dedicated to providing you with the very best person to fit the exact role you are looking to fill!

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