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web design

We provide web design and development services for businesses across an infinite number of industries. Our services offer tremendous personal attention to each clients, regardless of how large or small the project. Our web development team proactively monitors the websites of our clients to ensure optimal performance.

web hosting

We offer domain name registration and web hosting/space on trust worthy, USA-based Servers. Our LINUX and Windows OS platforms offer variety of plans to choose from. What's more? We offer you a free domain name when you pay annually for any of our web hosting plans.


In today's world where presentation drives the popularity, Branding can make the whole difference!! Our highly instrumental logo and corporate identity design helps in building high-end corporate identity that successfully exudes a company's attitude and shows disposition and values.


Our training programs are fully interactive with majority of the time spent on real and hypothetical case studies that bring home the concepts taught to participants. We ensure that participants play a full part in the learning process thus making training enjoyable, stimulating and effective for all.


With over 3 billion websites on the internet, you'll need to have your website optimized before it attracts visitors. Our internet marketing covers various aspects of the promotion of your website, including search engine optimisation (SEO), backward link campaigns, social media marketing and more.

web consulting

If you plan to launch a new website or reform an existing website design, partnering with an elite web design and development consulting company would certainly pay off. Expertise in a trade can lead to profound results.  Think of the difference web consulting can make on your company.

our recent work porfolio

Cedarfield focuses  on creating beautiful interactive web designs and developing custom web applications. These core competencies of web design and development are the foundation on which our firm is built. Some clients come to us with thick scope documents and wire-frames, some with existing websites, and others with an idea on some napkins. As long as your goal is to build something awesome, we can help

About Cedarfield Design


We offer a unique, agile approach to visual communication services. Our core expertise includes professional website design, branding, graphic designs and print media, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and training programs.

Cedarfield Design is a full service design and web development agency that has been at the cutting edge of the industry for over five years. Our team is a small hand-picked group of highly talented individuals whose specialism range from branding, web and print design to new media production. Our diversity of skill means that whatever project we work on, there's nothing we can't do to bring it to the most outstanding conclusion. 

Our clients love our jargon free communication and our commitment to providing design solutions that astound and delight; which is why so much of our work come from referrals. We like to think that our success is down to the fact that we are good designers who are commercially aware, and that we’re really nice people (if we do say so ourselves). So get in touch and find out how we can help your business to grow beautifully.

Our approach - the business of design.

Good Design sells

It's a universal truth that beautiful and intelligently placed design is essential if your business is to reach its financial objectives. However, beautiful design that isn't commercially aware will cost you money and that's about it.

As a company, we work under two main principles. The first is: 'Everything we create must be beautiful.' The second is 'All of our design must be commercially useful'; That means that when you send your brief to us, whether it be a new brand, a website, or just a business card (we are a full service agency), the result will always be stunning to look at and, importantly, it will be designed to sell your product or service in your market.

We are perfectionist
At heart we are perfectionist and attention to every detail is what separates a great website from a mediocre one - we create stable, usable and effective websites to help maximize your business' potential. We handle every project in a bespoke manner and see each one as a creative opportunity.

Our web team

Any good business relies on a good team and here at Cedarfield we have a great team with a huge depth of design and web experience.

what our customers think

The Internet Marketing Training has helped me a lot. It has enhanced my marketing knowledge and creative skills. Thanks to Cedarfield facilitators”Mr. Ronnie Atienza, Best Western Starfire Hotel
This is great!! Thanks to you, Miriam and your team. Kudos and keep it up. I trust the website will be a blast...with this foretaste!Joyce Bassey
I am proud of all you do.Genevieve Akinwumi
Thank you for designing our website. Love your professionalism. You're the best!Alh. A. Olatunji, 50stixxxxx International
Cedarfield is by far the best company that we work with. The quality of your service is exceptional; the quality of your work is unrivalled. If we had a 'company of the year' award, Cedarfield would win it over and over again.We do not see you as one of our service providers - to us Cedarfield Design is family. "Sunny Oche, Pearl Energy Resources
I am very Ok with the new logo. It is fantastic. Well done,Amechi R. Okonkwo, Af-tron Systems

Our 4 Milestones

We actually like the constantly shifting landscape of web technologies because it keeps us on our toes. We use CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Open Cart, Prestashop, JQuery and Javascript to create websites that are fast, flexible and user-friendly. With our systematic 4 milestone approach, we eliminate obstacles to create the very best site for you.


Design is more than the way something looks. It’s how it feels when you see it and use it, how easy it is to read something, and the results it drives. We make memorable interactive experiences that delight users and yield results. Every site element from colors to button shapes can influence conversions. We base our designs on empirical evidence of what works, not hunches. Opinions don’t make money.


First impressions count. If a site doesn’t catch the eye or speak to the users’ needs, they won’t stick around. Our websites are designed to appeal to your target market’s specific wants and needs. Our designs quickly pull visitors deeper into the site. Impress your market and get a competitive edge with an attractive web design 100% customized to increase conversions.


SEO is a big part of what we do. From creating a keyword sitemap to writing powerful titles, your site will please search engines and users. We have experience working with national consumer brands as well as local companies. We bring that expertise to our web design process and bake it into every project.


A responsive website automatically rearranges and resizes itself to fit screens of all sizes. It’s one website for all screens. With more people searching on their phones and tablets, having a responsive website is more important than ever. Every site we build is responsive so they look good no matter how they’re viewed.

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting packages on our blazing fast dedicated web servers, so you don't need to worry about another site outside your control slowing down the whole server. We offer you a free domain name registration when you pay for any of our web hosting plans. (Currently, we are offering .com, .org, .net. .biz, and .ng domain extensions)

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At Cedarfield Design, we are a very friendly bunch, so please feel free to call or send us an email with any questions or enquiries. We can't wait to help you out with your next project!

  •  50 Ikorodu  Road,  Jibowu Lagos, . 
  •  01-4534826, 08038066670,
  •  info@cedarfielddesign.com

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