8 Amazing and Free Webfonts for all your Web Design Needs

8 Amazing and Free Webfonts for all your Web Design Needs


Fonts and typography are an essential point of any website or app design. In this post, I have selected a list of free, fresh, and totally amazing fonts for all your web design needs.


Wow, I love this one! Novecento exists in two different versions, wide and narrow. The “wide” version, pictured here, is 100% free in both desktop and webfont versions. The “narrow” version will cost you $16 per font.


Nexa is a commercial font ($17/font) but the two versions pictured here (Nexa Light and Nexa Bold) are totally free, so you definitely have no excuse if you don’t grab them for your collection!

Work Sans

Brought to you by Google Fonts, Work Sans is a very beautiful font that will perfectly fit most websites, blogs and apps.

League Gothic

Not really new, but still extremely relevant. League Gothic is an amazing font, especially for headlines and titles.


Another one I couldn’t recommend enough for all your headline needs. I’m using this beautiful font on CatsWhoCode menu.


Roboto is another Google Font with an outstanding popularity amongst designer and developers. Used by many sites and WordPress Themes, Roboto is definitely a good choice when looking for a clean and readable font with a modern feel.

Tikal Sans

Tikal Sans is a beautiful font that you can freely use. A great choice for both headings and texts for those looking for a readable but fancy font.


8 amazing and free webfonts for all your webdesign needs

If you’re looking for a fancy, all caps font, then you should definitely have a look at Australia, a beautiful and modern font.